FIG Working Week 2020 10-14 May 2020 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

FIG2020, Amsterdam

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zaterdag, 9 mei, 2020 t/m vrijdag, 15 mei, 2020

FIG and the Local Organisers from the Netherlands welcome all to Amsterdam. FIG Working Week 2020 will be an exciting event with several pre and post events, three packed conference days and the General Assembly. Hereto, the local organisers are preparing special technical and social tours for you to explore Amsterdam and the Netherlands and memorable social events in the evenings.

The FIG Working Week 2020 in Amsterdam is addressing the following overall theme:

Smart Surveyors for Land and Water Management

This theme is relevant both for the Netherlands and internationally in a world where drinking water is a scarce resource, waste water needs to be recycled rather than seen as waste, where the sea needs to be better mapped and managed, where land resources need to be protected against sea-level rise, and where land-based fresh water habitats are threatened.

Skyline of Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Registration has opened!
It is now time to register and prepare for your trip to FIG Working Week 2020, 10-14 May 2020 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The Working Week 2020 will be the premier event of the year and will offer a special technical as well as social programme to all participants.

The three conference days 11-13 May 2020 will be packed with a selection of technical sessions designed by the ten FIG Commissions and will cover all the broad areas of surveying. The main theme of the Working Week 2020: Smart Surveyors in Land and Water Management will be a substantial part of the technical programme. Each day will begin with a plenary session with special invited speakers under the themes:

  1. Smart Surveyors
  2. Land and Water Management
  3. Ten Years to Go to the Sustainable Development Goals

The technical programme and sessions will also cover these overall themes in special sessions and sessions with papers from the open call.

FIG General Assembly will take place on 10 and 14 May 2020.


The overall theme is built up by the following sub-themes:

1. Smart Surveyors

Rapid urban growth, smart energy, cleaner mobility, and ‘land rights for all’ are some of the challenges demanding innovative surveying approaches and technologies. Sensing technologies, spatial data processing technologies and related approaches are already available. Use and improve them to become future proof, Smart Surveyors!

2. Integrated Land and Water management

Without integrated land and water management, the Netherlands as also other coastal countries cannot sustain its agricultural and urban development. Climate change, though, increases the risks of sea and riverine floods and extended drought periods and complicates this management task. Unorthodox measures are called for. Get familiar with these measures and discuss them from your critical surveyor perspective.

3. Ten years to go to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals

The countdown begins, only one decade to go to accomplish the Sustainable Development Goals. The SDGs are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all and surveying professionals have a key role to play. How did we, as surveyors, contribute to ending poverty, improve health and education, reduce inequality, and spur economic growth – all while tackling climate change and working to preserve our oceans and forests? In addition, what will be our role for the coming 10 years?

Exhibition and Sponsorship opportunities

Secure your stand at the exhibition and be visible with the sponsorship opportunities. The exhibition will take place in the catering areas ensuring a constant flow of participants.

Sponsorship opportunities
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