ICA News No 69, Dec 2017: Call for Contributions


ICA News No 69, Dec 2017: Call for Contributions

Dear National Members, Affiliate Members, Commission and WG Chairs and Executive Committee of the ICA

Here is the first Call for Contributions to the December 2017 issue (No
69) of the ICA News. I would appreciate receiving your contributions by Monday, 20 November 2017 at the latest.

As usual, reports from EC members, Commission reports, reports from the ICA events and announcements about the future ICA (and related) events are very much appreciated.

Please note that you need to send your items specifically to me to have them included. Your emails to wider distribution lists might be missed.

1. Text contributions
Please send your contributions preferably in Word format.

2. Photographs
Please DO NOT embed the pictures into Word document, but send them as separate 300dpi JPG files (approximately at the size you want them to appear in print). Please indicate where the pictures should go and provide captions in your text contribution.

3. Large files
To send large files (max. 2GB), please go to https://webdropoff.auckland.ac.nz/ and follow instructions on the right hand side.

As before, children's drawings will feature on the back cover.

The ICA News No 68 is available from the ICA website: http://icaci.org/ica-news/.